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Methode Physiodermie is an ideal integration of highest quality ingredients and Swiss Cutting-Edge Technologies

Ultimate Swiss Cosmotology
Unifying and Soothing Tinted Care

Unifying and
Soothing Tinted Care

Designed to sublimate natural complexion for an instantly refined and younger looking skin. Exclusive soft focus pigment complex and high concentration of Blue Algae extract.

Of Collagene and
Trace Element

The latest addition to the line, this treatment helps skin regain its youth thanks to collagen and trace elements.

Quintessential Synergie Of Collagene and Trace Element
Methode Physiodermie®


Specifically designed skin care routines to suit your individual needs


What Our Clients Have To Say

Dr. Spencer
This is Dr. Spencer from Bakersfield, California. We came to Montreal and you gave us a personalized class that day when it was blizzarding there. My wife Roslyn and her sister and a couple of my staff just attended your… View this product→
Emily McCullum
Hello again...I started using the Actinyl #1 and #2 last night...it didn't burn at all...My face is getting better everyday and I just wanted to let you how thankful I am for all your help...I really believe that meeting you… View this product→
Jennifer Sorenson
I really like your Shower Milk SL Cleanser. I had some acne before on my face and now it's gone. Your product is like magic. Whenever I start to get a pimple it doesn't let it appear. It's just simply… View this product→
Katya Gauzner
From the first visit to Skin and Body Therapy salon I was impressed by N***'s professionalism and knowledge of my skin type and problems it has. After her European Facial my face felt clean and renewed. She recommended me to… View this product→
I have been using Physiodermie products for over 5 years now and I could not be more happier. I am only 32, however people always think I look 27 years old. The products leave my skin radiant and glowing. And,… View this product→
Methode Physiodermie®


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