Methode Physiodermie



over 48 years of research

Swiss Cosmeceuticals For Skin Health

Developed in 1974, Methode Physiodermie® is a scientifically based beauty treatment method, an ideal integration of highest quality ingredients and Swiss Cutting-Edge Technologies. Dedicated to skin care, Physiodermie embraces one objective, one philosophy: “To reach a Balance with respect to each individual’s Skin Aspect and Morphology”.

Our skin care products are scientifically formulated to visibly improve the quality of the skin and obtain visible results thanks to naturally powerful ingredients recognized for their effectiveness and our unique Multi-Active Micro-Encapsulation technology (MEIMA).

Everyone Is Unique

A structured and innovative skin care system that uses an advanced product concept.

It has been established that people have different morphologies (body types) that predispose them to certain physical, emotional and esthetic characteristics. The various shapes and structure of the body such as the shape of the face, shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs, represent the combination of the basic elements that determine the physical aspects and individual morphological tendencies. According to the morphology tendency, a specific combination of Methode Physiodermie® products will be used to meet all the needs to your natural timeless beauty.

The Science – MEIMA Technology

Multi-Active Individual Micro-Encapsulation.

Exclusive technology for the diffusion of specific ingredients, plant extracts and highest quality of concentrated essential oils to obtain optimal results.

Thanks to this breakthrough technique, the effective ingredients can be diffused at different intervals in the cutaneous tissues and released where the skin’s cells need the most.

Results Are At The Heart Of Our Approach.

A perfectly healthy skin by targeting the causes, not the consequences, of each skin alteration: this is why Physiodermie is the brand chosen by more than 1000 Dermo- Therapists in 15 countries.

The formulas are developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the strict standards of the Swiss Cosmetics Industry in order to guarantee excellence in terms of quality and manufacturing rigor.


10 Reasons to Choose Physiodermie


Highest Standards

All our products are formulated and produced in our laboratory in Geneva in accordance with the standards of the Swiss cosmetic industry, thus ensuring the highest quality.


Research & Development

Physiodermie was founded in 1974 by Dr.Calato, a Swiss biologist who devoted his life to Research & Development in formulation of effective skincare.


MEIMA Technology

Innovation is not limited to ingredients, it also involves the development of formulation’s enhancement techniques such as our prioprietary Micro-Encapsulation technology MEIMA, to make the most of the ingredients.


Effective & Safe

Ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our formulas.


Suitable For All Skin Types

Each consultation is the subject of an in-depth diagnosis resulting in a hyper-personalized treatment. The formulas can be used in synergy to target all skin alterations.


Effective Formulas

To offer effective formulas highly concentrated and efficient in natural active ingredients, plant extracts, molecules from plants and Micro-Encapsulation technology. A perfectly healthy skin by targeting the causes of each skin alteration.


Personalized Care

Treatments are developed to provide real expertise and allow you to live a unique and effective experience. All our Dermo-Therapists are trained to provide you with personalized care and advice.



Since 1974, we have over 48 years of experience in the development and research of skin care products. Science and creativity have led to the creation of Physiodermie products.


Internationally Recognized

Physiodermie treatments are provided in more than 1000 spas and institutes throughout the world (15 countries), allowing us to feed our research on skin care.


The Passion

Since the beginning of the Physiodermie adventure in 1974, a single credo: a passion for skincare.