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Wrinkle Management by Age and Body Type

Target volume and elasticity decline with Methode Physiodermie skin care expertise. As we age, factors such as morphological predominance plays a key roll in how we will age, some of us will be more prone to loss of elasticity and others will experience more pronounce volume loss especially after our mid 40s.

The Physiodermie difference

Not all anti-aging products are created equal. Choose Physiodermie for Swiss skin expertise with its synergy of Micro-encapsulated MEIMA Technology combined with anti-aging complexes while and protecting your skin with its microbiome rebalancing PCbG complex.

Product focus: Optimum Lift Emulsion, Toner Emulsion

Two targeted anti aging formulas that promote firmness and elasticity can be used on their own or the Toner Emulsion as a day cream for an instant tightening effect and the Optimum Lift Emulsion as night cream for the face eyes and neck.

For Bilious/Green Squares and Nervous/Yellow rectangle

The Optimum Lift Emulsion is an ideal anti-aging treatment cream that targets fine lines and wrinkles for the face and eyes. This makes it an ideal 2 in 1 treatment moisturizer that is also versatile. It can be used as an ultra hydrating day cream and or ultra nourishing night cream. It strengthens collagen fibers and accelerates cellular renewal. Slows down the aging process and prevents the appearance of wrinkles with its Hyaluronic acid complex, Marine DNA and Vitamine E. Within a few applications the skin becomes deeply moisturized, toned and smooth.

For Sanguine/Red Oval and Lymphatic/White Circle

The Toner Emulsion is ideal to firm and tighten skin that is lacking elasticity. Its versatile formula can be used as firming day or night cream for the face neck and body. Its restorative synergy of actives is rich in Vitamin A, Fractionated Hyaluronic acid and elastin proteins hydrate strengthen and energize the skin. Contains the patented BBL complex that creates an instant smoothing, toning and lifting effect.

Pro tip

To immediately refine the skin, use the Physiodermie Soft Face Biopeeling Instant Smoothness. This essential beauty ritual can be done 1-2 times per week to exfoliate the face, eyes, lips. To instantly diffuse fine lines, apply the Sublimating Cream after the day cream. Its Triple Action tinted moisturizer that immediately diffuses wrinkles, boosts skin radiance and protects the skin from environmental aging. Features an exclusive trilogy of Soft Focus pigments, peptides and Blue Algae extract, which is known for its powerful smoothing property, this cream is designed to sublimate natural complexion for an instantly refined, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

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