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What is Acne and How Do We Treat it?

Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne involving the sebaceous gland and bacteria. It affects the face, the back and chest. These are the areas of skin containing the most sebaceous glands, which explains the clinical localization of acne. Acne often occurs during adolescence, but other forms of acne such as occupational acne, hormonal acne and acne due to comedogenic ingredients can affect all age groups. Most people with acne tend to have oily skin. In fact, there is an existing correlation between the amount of sebum produced and the severity of acne.

Lesions of acne can be non inflamed (closed or open comedones known as blackheads) or inflamed lesions (nodules, pustules, papules). If severe enough, inflamed lesions can leave scarring. To avoid scarring and to effectively treat acne, an increasing number of patients are opting for a natural treatment, designed to rebalance the skin, safely and efficiently.


Actinyl N°1 & N°2 from Methode Physiodermie are specialized products without the drawbacks of prescription drugs, that eliminate acne, leaving skin healthy and radiant. The ACTINYL line is formulated to help eliminating the sebum in excess and the impurities and restores epidermal balance. The skin recovers its smooth texture and its natural protection is replenished.

Actinyl N°1 and Actinyl N°2 constitute a daily long term care for oily and impure skin. Actinyl N°1 is a specially formulated solution that will destroy bacteria causing acne. With ingredients such as Lichen, Birch and Burdock extracts, will eliminate all impurities, normalize sebum secretion and regulate keratolytic activity leaving the skin with a clear complexion, acne free. Applying Actinyl N°2 after will help restore the skin’s balance and protect it against harmful environment factors. With ingredients such as Been, Vine and Sage Officinalis extracts encapsulated in a time released technology, this restorative moisturizer will prevent scars to take place, tighten pores, and regenerate the skin. Skin is left with a matt, uniform complexion.

Actinyl N°4 Blemish Clear is a rapid and convenient spot treatment at when applied locally, it reduces imperfections and inflammation (pimples, blemishes…) in a few days.


After cleansing with Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk NB, use the dropper to apply a few drops of Actinyl N°1 to the affected areas (in the evening). Continue the treatment by applying Actinyl N°2 to the areas you have just treated. Do not apply around the eyes. Do not apply Actinyl N°1 before going in the sun. For optimum results: use the Soft-Face Bio-Peeling every day for three consecutive weeks. For cystic acne apply the Bioarome DS Anti-Impurities (10 drops) on the affected area before the Actinyl N°1.

Avoid sun exposure after applying Actinyl N°1 and apply an SPF daily to protect you skin.

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