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Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk SL

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Gentle lathering cleanser. Cleanses while respecting the epidermis. Leaves the skin soft and supple. May be used for Face and Body. 95% of women would recommend the product*

*Test performed on 21 women with sensitive skin

200 ml | 6.67 fl.oz


Cleanse the face/body with the Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk SL. May be used with a facial brush or hands.

  • Oat and coco derived very soft surfactants.
  • Purifying agent.
  • Moisturizing, emollient agent.
  • Exclusive PCbG complex, balancing, revitalizing, protecting
  • Dermo-compatible surfactants for a gentle and efficient cleansing.
  • Cleanse while respecting the epidermis Hydro-lipidic film.
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple without any discomfort feeling.
  • Skin is smooth after use: 100%*
  • Avoids the tightness and discomfort sensations after use: 90%*.
  • Skin is hydrated after use: 95%*.
  • Respects skin: 100%*.
Reviews (3)+

3 reviews for Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk SL

  1. Jeff Baker, D.O.

    I have been using Physiodermie products, including the Shower Hydrating Milk SL, Stabilizing Lotion, Soft Face Bio-Peeling, Sensitive Skin Cream, Anti-Redness Biorome, Regenerating Oil and Balancing Mask, and my skin looks and feels wonderful. I have discontinued the use of all other products to normalize my skin and now I use the Physiodermie products exclusively. I prescribe them for my patients who suffer with similar problems and they are seeing great results as well.

  2. Jennifer Sorenson

    I really like your Shower Milk SL Cleanser. I had some acne before on my face and now it’s gone. Your product is like magic. Whenever I start to get a pimple it doesn’t let it appear. It’s just simply awesome.

  3. AD

    I keep this cleanser in my shower and I use it for face and body. Makes it so easy. I also use this whenever I run a bath. Love it!

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