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Chrono Repair Flash – Anti-Age care & Instant Smoothness

Chrono Repair Flash: Anti-Aging Care & Instant Smoothness

Discover Chrono Repair Flash. A new anti-aging concept providing immediate and prolonged «wrinkle filling» action lasting for more than 72 hrs!

The secret? A unique synergy of 2 exclusive treatments: Sublimator Hydrogel and Revelator Serum; coupled with a new diffusion technology of active ingredients M.E.M. VEC (Micro-Encapsulation Multi Vectorized) offers an immediate smoothing effect (Flash) and prolonged anti-aging effect (Chrono)


Only 15 mins after application, Chrono Repair Flash treatment offers:

  • SURFACE SMOOTHING EFFECT: The actives of the Hydrogel Sublimator smooths and fades fine lines and wrinkles instantly, leaving your skin ultra soft.
  • RE-PULPING EFFECT: The hyaluronic acid complex absorbs the water of the Swiss glaciers to offer an immediately noticeable re-pulping effect on the skin’s surface. Superficial and deep wrinkles are considerably reduced.


Notice a complete transformation of your skin throughout the applications:

  • THE SKIN IS FIRMER due to the blue algae extracts encouraging surface cell regeneration and accelerating the natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The skin is smoother and firmer.
  • MAXIMUM HYDRATION long lasting due to the hyaluronic acid complex which recharges the water reserves deep within the skin. Dehydration wrinkles disapear and the skin is denser.
  • SKIN IS SOFTER due to the lipid complexes that reinforce surface cell cohesion and replenishes the moisture barrier. The skin is better protected and regains its flexibility.


From the 1st treatment, superficial and deep wrinkles are filled dramatically, the face is completely smooth. Deeply hydrated, skin is much smoother and softer. Over the weeks, your skin regains its youth and firmness.


  1. PREPARATION OF THE SKIN: Cleanse your skin with the Deep Cleansing Milk or any Méthode Physiodermie Cleanser and re-balance the skin’s pH with the Stabilizing Lotion. Exfoliate your face and neck with the Bio-Gommage.
  2. CHRONO REPAIR FLASH: With the help of a brush, mix the Revelator Serum with a Hydrogel Sublimator disc in a small cup. Apply the homogenous gel over the face. Massage until complete absorbtion of the product in upward motions and rince with the Stabilizing Lotion.
  3. FINAL TOUCH: Apply Méthode Physiodermie treatment cream adapted to your skin type.

FACE AND NECK TREATMENT: use a whole Hydrogel Sublimator disc for the face and neck. Apply 1 to 2 times a week during 4 weeks.

EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT: use a quarter of the Hydrogel Subliminator disc only for 2 eyes. To apply once a week during 8 weeks.

The result of Chrono Repair Flash, is younger-looking, smooth, radiant skin!

To benefit from a Professional Chrono Repair Flash Treatment in institute, ask your skin care specialist.

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