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All About Eye Care

Tension and stress can really affect the health of our skin by limiting oxygen intake during times of stress this can deprive us of energy and vitality. Taking time for ourselves is essential for our wellbeing. We invite you to take a few deep oxygenating breaths while we take a look at todays Physiodermie focus all about eye care!

Did you know that the eye area in much thinner that the rest of the body making it more susceptible to dehydration and premature aging? Also the eye area has more histamine cells, making it one of the most sensitive areas on the human body. Due to this the eye contour needs adapted specific care that Methode Physiodermie specializes in.

The Eye Contour Micro Gel offers targeted eye care for all ages, this light hydrating cream/gel is specifically formulated to diminish the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles around the eye area. Ultra soothing and moisturizing. Its refreshing texture is very pleasant to use and instantly penetrates the skin.

Bioarome HY Normalizing: The synergy of natural essential oils of Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint and plant extracts of Witch Hazel will instantly oxygenate the skin and improves microcirculation to reduce the aspect of dark circles under the eyes.

*Pro tip before makeup: Add the HY Bioarome to the Stabilizing lotion for a refreshing and uplifting compress for the eyes and face! Simply saturate a gauze, cotton or tissue with the Stabilizing lotion and 5 drops of the HY Bioarome in a small bowl and apply it to the desired area for 5 minutes. Remove and apply the Eye Contour Micro Gel massaging gently until absorbed.

Bioarome VD Balancing: The synergy of natural essential oils of Marjoram, Geranium, and Lemon Balm helps to reduce visible signs of swelling and instantly soothes tired eyes.


Keep looking forward:

Eye treatment steps with Methode Physiodermie

Step 1: Stabilizing Lotion pH Balancing as a micellar cleanser and as soothing eye compress.
Sept 2: Soft Face Biopeeling Instant Smoothness to detoxify, refine and brighten
Step 3: Eye Contour Micro Gel to decongest, hydrate and sooth
Step 4: Boost and customize with corrective Bioaromes; Targeted, micro encapsulated, time released delivery. 1-3 drops can be added in to the Eye Contour Micro Gel AM and or PM for the best results possible.

Option a) Bioarome HY Normalizing AM to refresh and reduce dark circles
Option b) Bioarome VD Balancing PM to reduce puffiness
Cotton rounds or reusable, washable sponges

*Pro Tip! Upgrade your makeup with Methode Physiodermie anti-aging and brightening tinted moisturizer; The Sublimating creams are ideal treatment makeup for the eye contour for an instant brightening effect and anti oxidant protection. This triple action tinted moisturizer instantly delivers:

  1. Soft focus pigments immensity softens fine lines and imperfections, can replace most primers.
  2. Natural radiance boosting illuminating pigments that adjust to your skin tone.
  3. Blue green algae extract supplies the skin with essential amino acids while protecting the skin from UV damage. In 21 days, Blue green algae visible smooths the texture if the skin with its Retinoid-like effects with out any side effects.

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