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A Perfect, Radiant Complexion for the Holiday Season

A Perfect, Radiant Complexion for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and the time has come to put your best face forward. As enjoyable as this festive time of year is for all of us, it is nevertheless the most difficult for our skin. Cold, humidity, lack of sunlight and hearty meals accompanied by a “few” alcoholic beverages takes a toll on our bodies and consequently our skin appears tired, our complexion is dull , dark circles are present and our skin lacks firmness. Discover the trick of the week to avoid these inconveniences and spend the holiday season in beauty.

Trick For A Healthy And Radiant Complexion

Tasty, abundant holiday meals has our liver working overtime. As a result, our liver is sluggish and does not effectively fulfill its roll of purification. When the liver is tired, the toxins accumulate in our body and this can be seen in our face: dull complexion, pimples and dark circles.


Cleanse your liver, kidneys and skin of accumulated toxins by doing a cure with Activa Detox supplements for your skin. Thanks to its natural plant extracts with purifying, diuretic and anti-oxidant properties, Activa Detox will guarantee a luminous and radiant complexion before, during and after the holidays!


At Home:

Purify your skin with this product duo; Bio-Gommage and the Physiomask Global from Méthode Physiodermie Skin Care. The Bio- Gommage will eliminate all toxins, pollutants and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. The mask will detoxify your skin in depth and reduce the size of your pores for a beautiful, radiant skin.

Illuminate your complexion with Méthode Physiodermie’s Vivifying Cream.

Get an immediate soothing and anti-aging effect with Méthode Physiodermie’s Chrono Repair Flash.

In Institut:

Ask your Méthode Physiodermie skin care specialist for a Chrono Repair Flash treatment. The Chrono Repair Flash treatment will provide an immediate and prolonged “wrinkle-filling” action lasting for more than 72 hrs! This treatment will revive your skin and provide a luminous glow for a rested, youthful complexion that radiates health and vitality.


Cells renew themselves while you sleep. It is therefore important to sleep for approximately 8 hours a night to benefit from a deep restorative sleep resulting in a rested complexion.
Drink 1.5 litres of water daily in between meals in order to maximize the hydration in your skin. Let’s not forget, alcohol dehydrates and therefore after every alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water.

*Recommendation: 1 capsule per day of Activa Detox at meal time for a 1 month duration. This is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension or a potassium deficiency. Refer to the opinion of your medical practitioner for those under digitalis, diuretics or corticosteroids.

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